Welcome To The Practice Of Bassam Michiel D.D.S.

A healthy mouth is the first step to a healthy body. Many studies now show the link between oral health and systemic health. For example, individuals with advanced gum disease, a condition called periodontitis, have a higher risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

This is why we take the health of your mouth very seriously. Every patient in our office gets an individual risk assessment to identify which dental diseases they may be prone to having. It is only then can a treatment strategy be recommended to help manage the disease process.

Why do some people brush twice a day, floss every night, go to the dentist every six months, and still get cavities? Can you relate to this? On the other hand you may know someone like your spouse or a friend that doesn’t take care of their teeth and have never had a cavity. Could it be soft teeth, a dry mouth, or different oral flora? You can think of these as a few of many risk factors. The more risk factors you have, the higher your susceptibility to the dental disease called caries or cavities.

It’s clear that the two individuals described above have very different needs and therefore require different care. That’s why we are committed to:

  • Providing you personalized care of the highest quality in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Helping you identify your goals for your oral health and working with you to reach those
    goals while staying within your budget.
  • Your safety and comfort while under our care.