Loose Dentures

An estimated 20 million people in the U.S. have lost all of their teeth and up until now have had no choice but to put up with their dentures. I’m very excited to share with you how dental implants can change that.

What is the Problem With Dentures?

  • 66% of people complain that their denture is loose and uncomfortable. The risk of an embarrassing moment from a loose denture can significantly affect one’s social life, speech, and romantic situations.
  • 88% of people have difficulty with speech.
  • 63% of people experienced movement/looseness with their lower denture.
  • 50% avoid eating certain foods. Some people find it easier to chew without their denture!
  • The bite forces one can generate with a denture is 75% less when compared to natural teeth.
  • Chewing efficiency decreases by 32% once you start wearing dentures.

It is no wonder that more than $200 million are spent each year on denture adhesives! Dental implants are the permanent solution for the lack of retention, the risk of embarrassing situations, and stimulating/maintaining the bone of the jaws (more on this topic).

How Can Implants Stabilize My Dentures?

Once the dental implants are in place, a special “male” attachment goes on top of the implant and the inside of the denture is retrofitted with a “female” attachment. This allows the denture to snap onto the implant increasing stability and retention. The denture now rests on the implants instead of the gum and bone virtually eliminating soar spots from pressure exerted while chewing.