Tooth Loss

Why are teeth and the jaw bone so important?

Shortly after tooth loss the bone in the jaws begins to shrink. It is estimated that 25% of bone volume is lost within the 1st year following tooth loss. This loss of bone volume will continue if the bone is not stimulated by dental implants.


Teeth are not just for chewing. They play an important roll in speech by helping you make certain sounds like “S” and “F”. Teeth also give support to the face and lips, helping them look fuller. Here is an animation of tooth loss and the gradual changes that take place as the bone reabsorbs, the bite begins to collapse, and the face and lips lose support.


In a way you can think of implants as dentistry’s answer to the anti-aging problem. To summarize, dental implants:

  • Stimulate the bone in the jaws
  • Help you maintain function and speech
  • Allow you to look younger

What if I have already lost my teeth and bone in my jaws?

We are now able to rebuild the bone in the jaws using different grafting techniques. By rebuilding the bone we are then able to place dental implants with much greater success and long term stability.tooth-loss